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Timotej Belšak, the man, the myth, the legend. The sexiest man alive on Druga with a massive family of 1.letnik girls drooling over him for attention. But how did this absolute BEAST of a man get to the throne upon which he sits today?


It all starts on the 2.nd of January, 2005, when this sexy beast was born to his mother, a navy seal fighter who fought in WW2, and his dad, a struggling artist living pay check to pay check supplied by the government.

he got BLOND HAIR FROM CHLORINE HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAH, so funny. Anyways, to wrap his biography up, he is a great dude who pulls way to many bitches and suck at games.

ne da se mi več ngl, na dvd screen saver ala belšak

will he ever hit the corner? sit here for the rest of your miserable life to find out!